Increasing the Life of Your Flag

The flag signifies the unity and the struggle of our ancestors  that paved the way into the formation of our country in which we are happily living life. It is only apt that the flag be treated with respect and taken care of.

cement_foundationBy properly taking care of a flag, you not only show your respect but it also prolong its life. So what do you do to take care of it?

Avoid exposing your flag to harsh weather conditions. Strong winds will whip your flag causing it to contract and expand which weakens the fabric. Rain has much the same effect, as the fabric tends to expand and get heavy with water weight and contract upon drying. If your flag does get wet, take it down to dry. Drying your flag on a flat surface helps it retain its shape. If it is allowed to dry on the pole it may stretch the material due to the weight of being wet.

Remove dirt and contaminants that may lodge in the material. You can clean your flag by washing it in warm water and mild detergent. It is best to hand wash your flag as you do not want to let it sit in wash water, which may cause color run on the white stripes. If you are uncomfortable hand washing your flag most dry cleaners usually offer discounts for cleaning the American flag.

Set your pole or cement foundation from structures or trees that can catch the end of the flag. This can cause tearing. If you see a sign of tear, perform the proper repair before flying the flag once again.


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