Advantages of anodized banner bar?

You need to be careful when choosing your components. The banner bar is an important component in any banner set up. If you are planning or working on getting a banner set up, you are going to come across different finish options for the banner bar. Anodizing is one of those finish options.

Anodizing is an electrochemical process. The process transforms the metal surface into anodic oxide. The anodic oxide creates a very hard and corrosion-resistant film.

Anodizing is mainly done on aluminum poles and bars. It prevents aluminum from corroding and turning into dull or powdery aluminum oxide. This is valuable for outdoor banners that are exposed to moisture and other elements.

The anodic film also holds colors very well. An anodized banner bar can come in various colors. This gives banner setups more customizability, a significant factor for themed setups.

A nice as anodized banner bars may be, they are also more expensive than simple painted finish. However, the difference in price usually balances out the longer you have the banner set up. Anodized bars require minimal to no maintenance. What you spent at the beginning is likely your last expense. Paint wears faster, especially when used for outdoor applications. This means that periodic repainting is needed.

The advantages of anodized banner bars are definitely enticing, but you must consider as many factors as possible before you make your final decision.


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