Foundation is often used to refer to the lowest part of a structure. There may be above or below ground. It transfers the weight of the structure to the soil and acts as an anchor to prevent the structure from tipping over. There are numerous types of foundations that are used for different situations. How deep placement of a foundation depends largely on the size of the structure. A regular house will require a shallow foundation while a skyscraper need deeper foundations.

Cement Foundation for Flags

In the case of a flag, the need for a concrete foundation to support the bar and prevent it from tipping over. The longer rod must be stronger foundation. Usually, a cement block above the ground is suitable as the basis for virtually every flagpole. A cement block foundation can also be increased in size if needed more strength.

A shallow or deep foundation can also be used. But cement foundations above the ground is much preferred because they can be done with patterns and serve as an ornament in itself. Some concrete foundations may also be partially or completely buried to add extra strength.

Companies that specialize in flag products often also supply cement foundations to customers. In Sweden stromblads.com a popular choice for cement foundations and all other flag products.


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