Industrial and Residential Flagpoles

Industrial and Residential FlagpolesThe world’s tallest in need of support flagpole lies in Amman, Jordan. Put up in 2003, the carbon steel post juts 416 feet right into the skies and evaluates an incredible 190,000 pounds. A flagpole of that magnitude needs an exceptionally hefty foundation – upwards of 600 tons – as well as is for that reason bolted to the foundation by 36 carbon steel screws. It is constructed to hold up against end up ninety miles per hr with the flag affixed, along with earthquakes. Layout and building took two entire years – as well as a number of significant corporations cooperating – to get it set up.

Your very own flagpole project might not be as overwhelming, yet the design principles are exactly the same.

First, you should pick the height of your flagpole and the dimension of your flag. Usually, the length of the flag ought to be 25 to 40 percent of the height of the post.

A conventional business flagpole is thirty to thirty-five feet tall. However, if you just wish to make a statement on the front yard of your house, you are going to go a bit much shorter. Residential flagpoles typically float in the twenty- to twenty-five-foot array for a one- or two-story house.

The other significant decision is what product your post need to be made from. Aluminum and fiberglass offer the best value for their toughness, however flagpoles are additionally available in bronze, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Wood, while appealing, is the weakest of products, therefore is mostly used for wallmounted flags. When it comes to fiberglass and bronze, you can pick almost any shade you such as. Carbon steel as well as stainless steel are usually reserved for larger flagpoles.


Mainstream and Non-traditional Marketing

flag accessories

The objective of marketing is to develop a lasting perception psychological of the consumers which can affect their acquisition choices. The tough company environment makes marketing even more essential for business owners to be competitive or prosper of their rivals. There are different kinds of advertising. The consumers often tend to watch traditional marketing like in TV and also papers as an indication that a business is succeeding. These forms of advertising expense millions and also the business should have made plenty of revenues to manage these advertising’s. In order to make plenty of earnings, the company needs to provide excellent service or products. And so a connection is made between pricey advertising and also high quality of product or services. Psychological of the consumers, the business that are market through mainstream channels supply the best products.

There are unique advertising and marketing techniques that allows small companies to leave a mark in the consciousness of potential clients without needing to spend millions. A flag on top of a flagpole is an easy advertising tool that works in obtaining the attention of the general public in the direction of the business or brand. There are various other banner or flag accessories that can be made use of to spread understanding concerning the business.

The web is an unconventional network for advertising that is coming to be so popular it might as well be called mainstream. However unlike the television, radio or papers, web marketing is way cheaper that also small businesses can manage it. There are likewise lots of web sites where small business proprietors can openly market their services or products.

3 Things You Should Not Do With Your Flagpole

3 Things You Should Not Do With Your Flagpole

Accidents can happen when you do things that you should not to your flagpole. These may seem commonsensical. But, surprisingly, plenty of people get injured or cause damage by doing these things.


Do not climb the flagpole. Doing so would be very dangerous. Most flagpoles are not designed to carry the weight of a full-grown adult. If there is a problem with the flag or the flagpole, call the installation company or third-party service and have them fixed it. As an added note, make sure that kids do not try to climb the flagpole. There are various flagpole designs that prevent kids from attempting to climb on them.


Do not neglect your flagpole. Make it a point to check your flagpole at least twice a year. Have problems fixed right away to prevent them from getting worse and compromising the structural condition of the pole.


Do not overload the flagpole. Flagpoles are built to withstand certain forces. Putting a larger flag than what was intended can cause the pole to bend or even break during strong winds. Also, do not put anything heavy on top of the flagpole. Pennants used to decorate the flagpoles are lightweight and specially made to account for the structural limitations of the pole.

Small Business and Advertising

Small Business and AdvertisingAdvertising for small businesses can come in different forms, from websites and internet ads to advertising flags being flown on a flagpole.


The purpose of advertising is to introduce businesses to potential customers. Effective advertising can greatly affect the success of small businesses. Small businesses do not have the funds to carry out expensive elaborate advertising campaigns. Small business owners or managers must explore different methods of advertising.


Advertisements must be clear and concise regardless of the methods used. The advertising tools must also be attractive in order to appeal to the target consumers and to ignite their interests to the products or services being offered by the business.


A huge part of the population have internet access and take advantage of the information available from the world wide web. The technology has advanced so much that people can perform various tasks without leaving their homes. People can do their shopping or hire services from the comfort of their home. That is why it pays a lot for small businesses to create an online presence. Creating a website and performing internet and social media ad campaigns are currently one of the most cost-efficient methods of advertising.


The impact of online advertising does not mean that businesses can or should forego local advertisements. The yellow pages and local newspapers remain one of the best methods for reaching out to the local clientele. Some successful small business send brochures and invites to customers to try out their products or services. Advertising flags flying energetically in the air remain an affordable yet very effective method of getting the attention of people.

Advertising Methods for Small Businesses


The financial limitations of small businesses makes it necessary to search for advertising methods that are effective in reaching out to potential customers while being affordable. A good advertising plan is one that is able to connect the business with people that needs their products or services. It is not all about the raw number of audience. A local business has very little benefit from national or global campaigns. Why spend thousands for a national advertising campaign when the business is only able to serve the city or municipality? Why spend for a television commercial when a simple fabric on a flagpole is just as effective with getting in touch with the target market?

Advertising methods for small business have to be precise as to not waste resources. The internet offers both the ability for wide-reaching and precision advertising. There are internet marketing specialists that can increase the traffic to websites or online stores of businesses. There are online trading communities that help buyers and sellers connect with each other. There are websites that invites businesses to advertise on their pages for reasonable prices.

Another method of advertising for small businesses that is becoming quite popular due to its effectiveness is ambient advertising.  With ambient advertising, the logo or message of the business is placed in the environment in such a way that it matches with and enhances the surroundings. This can include sidewalk painting, flag accessories, sculptures and colorful additions to buildings. Ambient advertising is non-intrusive and subtle and can help businesses overcome advertising resistance from the public who are fed up with traditional advertising methods trying to force into their mind.

Flagpole Height


Whether it is for advertising or ornament, flags must be properly and safely installed so that injuries and damage to properties are avoided. Before starting with the installation, it is important to determine the ideal height for the flagpole.

The ideal height and thickness of the flagpole depends on the available space or type of property, the size of the flag, and its purpose. Businesses that want to draw the attention of people want large eye-catching flags. Others just want to enjoy the sight of a flag flying energetically in the air.

Every flagpole is rated to withstand a certain amount of force generated by the flying flag. The size of the flag is directly proportional to the generated force. This means that a large flag will require a thicker flagpole in order to withstand the force generated by the flag. A large flag will have to be flown high in order to achieve maximum effect and also to prevent it from coming in contact with other structures and objects. The longer the flagpoles and the larger the flags, the heavier or deeper the cement foundations must be to prevent it from toppling over.

Small flags are normally flown at lower heights. Flying them high doesn’t make a lot of sense since their size makes them difficult to see and become simply unremarkable.