What is a pennant?

A pennant is a flag that is larger on the hoist than the fly. In case you are not familiar with the anatomy of the flag. The hoist is the half or edge of the flag nearest to the flagpole. The fly is the half or edges farthest away from the flagpole. Just by the description, you should be able to visualize what a pennant looks like.

Pennants come in several shapes. The most common shapes are triangular, tapering, and burgee.

You can see the aforementioned shapes below.


[image 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=19_uYJ59_61RLFn5gpK_9OfXqranAAMbY]

Still, there are other shapes for pennants aside from the popular three. The Nepalese national flag is an excellent example. It is simplified double triangular pennant. It is the only national flag that is not quadrilateral. Its unique shape makes it stand out amongst other national flags.

[image 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dCIzB1SzTT7mpj4ywQqzKw4h-8GKgxED]

The unique shapes of pennants which makes them more eye-catching is an important quality for promotional flags.

Aside from being unique, there are practical benefits resulting from the shape of the pennant. Its tapered shape lends itself to less wind resistance. You can have a larger-dimensioned flag without worrying about wind knocking the flagpole off its base.

And because the fly end is narrower than the hoist, it means it is also lighter. It does not require strong winds to make the flag fly through the air. This makes the pennant more attractive.


Eye-Catching Advertising

A business can have the best tasting food and freshest produce, the best automotive service or the widest range of hardware, but very little good can come from it if the products and services are not properly advertised. Advertising is all about influencing the purchasing decision of the target market. In order to accomplish this, it must first be able to catch the attention of the people.


There are many methods of advertising with varying costs and scopes suitable to the size of the business and its target market. Eye-catching advertising is all about urging potential shoppers to stop and visit a specific store. It is meant for small businesses like stores and service centers that target local consumers.

An eye-catching advertising serves similar purpose to guide signs. It catches the attention of potential customers and then directs them towards the business. Flags are some of the most commonly used tools for this kind of advertising. A flag flying energetically in the air is guaranteed to get the attention of people all around.

A special kind of flag called a pennant has a tapered shape and is meant to suggest  that an important event is happening. It can be used to inform people that there is a massive sale event that is going on. Other forms of eye-catching advertising are banners that are designed to appeal to certain groups of people. Some businesses sponsor live performances in front of their stores to help gather people.